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About Crist Consulting

Jordan Crist is a Real Estate Redeveloper in Charleston, WV.

I have been buying, renovating, selling, and renting property in my hometown since 2017. Over the course of my real estate career I began learning how to infuse credit into my business to strengthen my purchase power and grow my business quickly. After seeing the power of credit for attaining new loans, growing the business, and traveling for free by utilizing specific credit cards I wanted to learn more. In September 2019, I attended a a master mind event in Cancun, Mexico with 150+ other real estate professionals and other entrepreneurs. There was a speaker there who was also a Real Estate Investor, and he was also a credit coach.

Everything he spoke about during that one hour presentation resonated with me and I wanted to learn more. I reached out to this gentleman and joined his coaching program in October 2019. With my coach’s teachings my score has shot up from 630 to 760. I now understand how to raise credit scores for my friends and family members with tactics that I learned from my coach. I have knowledge on how to remove Derogatory Remarks and Hard Inquiries to increase scores. I’ve learned a tricks to increase credit age for people who are just starting their credit journey. After increasing my score to this level I am now able to use a strategy called manufactured spending to effectively create a new stream of income and allow me to travel the world for free through hotel and air miles. My education with credit is never ending and now I want to help others achieve their goals with credit!

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